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Deathrun. Mod Knife. Join now and Have fun.



full hardcore cs server, jezu ile jeszcze tekstu chcecie



Salutare te astept pe Dr.CsGamers.Ro! Forum:



-This server was created in 5th March 2020. -The game mode is DeathRun. -We have respectful admins. -We organize week events and more. You can try this server. I'm sure you'll like it :D



-=[DR.LEAGUECS.RO]=- [RISE OF DEATHRUN] Dorim sa ducem serverul la un alt nivel fata de celelalte, un nivel avansat, catre cel mai bun rank global care l-a avut vreodata un deathrun! Va asteptam! DNS: Dr.LeagueCs.Ro IP Server: 89:40:104:19:27015