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The Kingdoms of Chunjo Jinno & Shinsoo are gone. Say welcome to the Dynasties! You will still find here our most beloved content such as the Meley Dungeon, Earth Dragon, unique Pet system and PvP Arena.Join our 9.000 players today in a new adventure!

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WoM2 is a project with history. Stable and going strong for over five years, we've made it our mission to maintain Metin2's golden core while polishing it with modern game design and appropriately retuned content updates. The result is something that feels vintage, familiar and yet modern at the same time.

Our desire to be stable and strong not only extends to us, but to you as well. Our very own Sentry protection system keeps your account and all you have achieved with us safe from unauthorized access.

We also care about your mantaining the value of your achievements, with our team swiftly and competently banning any hackers, cheaters or any others exploiting illicit means of progressing in our game. We want you to write history with us, free of these concerns.

New Game Start

One of our newest examples of this 'vintage, yet modern' approach to liven up the game for you is our recently released new game start.

'Something's happened.. something big. I have no memories of what happened to me. I find myself in this strange land, it's people live a different life than what I am used to but I must persevere. I must remember - and I must conquer again what was once stolen.'

Explore our new starting map Johwa City and get to know the two ruling dynasties of this land. 'Bojon - the protector', who chose to preserve what's important and 'Jeongbog - the conqueror', who chose to dominate the weak so that one day they might dominate the strong.

Whom will you join? Will you unveil what happened to your home?

The new game start comes with a new main story and a trimmed overall questline, to ensure that your game start isn't halted by unnecessary bloat and that every quest feels important and rewarding. This is just one of many adjustments to create a new game start that's classic, pleasant and unique!


Our Game Masters are online all throughout the day and run events frequently to liven up your game experience. The rewards range from our item mall items to unique items specific to the event.

In order to maintain this diversion we have a selection of more than 20 regular, different events!

Golden Frog
Pirate Tanaka
Monster Chat
Moonlight Box
Hexagonal Box
Puzzle Box
Mystery Box
The Dojang
Book's Day
Nation War
Siege War
Metin Rain
Ox Event
Boss Event
Fox Hunt

The Dojang

The Dojang Arena is an underground fight club regularily visited by the most fearsome fighters all around. Join its wide range of categories and fight for riches and ultimate glory!

PvP Arena

Speak with the Arena Battle Master upon which a new window will open, in there, you can declare against which player/party leader you want to fight
Choose any battle mode and restrictions to your liking, here are your choices:
1. Battle modes: First to # of Kills, Survival, Free for All
2. Item Restrictions: No Restrictions, Dojang-style, All Restrictions

Quality of YOUR life improvements!

Price Checker: You can check the average daily prices of any item through the price checker tool you can find on our website.

In-game channel change: You can change the channel through the Options menu, or you can just type /channel in the chat window along with the number you want (e.g. /channel 2).

Multi-language client: You can change the language of your client on the System Options menu.

Quest categorization: All your quests will be sorted in one window depending on their category.

New trade windows and offline shops: In order to improve trading, we've expanded the trade window and added extra features to it, such as the ability to add or remove items while you trade. Also, your shop will be independent from you: it will stay on while you're offline, and will survive maintenance. You'll be able to add or remove items to your shop as well, even after it's been opened.

Shop search feature: While you're in the vicinity of a shop, a button will appear on the top center of the client. Click on it, type any item name into the box (the autocomplete feature will also help), then on 'Search', and you're done! All shops in the area stocking the wanted item will be highlighted by an arrow displayed over them until you click on them - even if they're not in your view!

Dual currency system: Yin is our unique currency that coexists with Yang to give you more freedom in managing your riches. 1 Yin is equivalent to 1000 Yang, and is used in every sale, trade and purchase. This ensures that even the most precious piece of gear can be traded for and sold effortlessly if needed!

Raise and evolve your own pet!

You will be able to own a pet that will follow you on your adventure across the world. Given enough time, it will grow into a powerful mount. Will it excel in defense, in evasion, or will it enhance your attacking abilities? The choice is yours - but should you regret it, you may devolve your mount at any time by using the Deo-Jinhwa Scroll, so that you may continue to improve your pet without losing its previous status.

Once it reaches level 50, you can evolve it into a powerful mount! The image below is merely illustrative. Even though the level of a mount caps out at 100, the bonuses may be higher than what's shown.

Dark Dragons

The Dark Dragons update brings you four new maps, new Metins and monsters, along with a unique crafting system for new weapons and armors.

The Earth Dragon is a boss we've prepared for this update. Gather your party to challenge it in its underground lair! If you succeed, you'll earn it very own soul, a powerful item required to craft some of the new weapons and armors.
Gisul Stones are materials you'll need in order to further upgrade this new set of weapons and armors. Their success chance will increase along with their quality.

The Hitman - a new repeatable daily quest: You will be tasked with slaying the warlords of the local monster tribes in order to earn yourself the trust of the nation, and a reward in the form of the new Royal Treasure Chest, whose contents include four new shields, and many other rewards! Furthermore, the contents of the chest will be better the more chests you open.

Dark Dragons weapons may also be transmuted into PvP-oriented weapons through the power of the new Orbs. By using the Orb of Twilight, the PvM version of the weapon will change its base bonuses in order to become viable for PvP. This process may be reversed by using the Orb of Daybreak.

Belt System: Belts are a piece of equipment that will allow you to store many kinds of items -- potions, grilled fish, fishing bait, return scrolls, lottery tickets... Different belts will grant different bonuses, and, by upgrading them, the number of storage slots they add will also increase. There are many types of belts, and can be crafted both at Yu-Hwan (for low level belts) and Jae-Seon Kim (for high level belts).

Blazing Purgatory

The Blazing Purgatory is a new dungeon split into seven areas. Those adventurous enough to brave the heat will be given one hour to complete seven different tasks and confront the Ruler of Fire, Razador!

Meley's Lair

Dragon Queen Meley has opened the door to her chambers for one purpose: for men and women far and wide to undergo her gauntlet of challenges! Will you succeed and earn her favor? Will you claim her riches and become a legend? Or will you falter and go up in the flames of punishment? Our improved looting structure ensures that even if you need your comrades' assistance to take her down, everyone will be adequately rewarded!

Nemere's Depths

Nemere's Depths is a another new, challenging dungeon that contains entirely new mechanics, special puzzles, and a unique boss fight with multiple stages. This dungeon may only be entered solo, but don't fret -- it's been balanced for every single class and skill path available.

The temperatures inside Nemere's Depths were not meant for mortals, and as such, the freezing cold will tear at you as you proceed through the dungeon. This is indicated by a new blue heat meter hovering above your character at all times.
Under these conditions, you will only have one hour to complete the dungeon.

Should you succeed, you'll be rewarded with unique materials you can use to craft high-end Glacial equipment!

Once a day, you'll be able to open the Glaciers' Treasure Chest in order to obtain Frozen Insects, upgrade materials and Frozen Lotus Flowers. Insects may be used to earn the Insectologist's favor and unlock higher stages in his crafting window. He will also trade your Frozen Lotus Flowers for a variety of new items, including top tier accessories.

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