Pserverspy news on 26.08.2018.

Dear users,
From now on Pserverspy will reset it's votes quarterly (every 1st Jan., 1st Apr, 1st June, 1st Sept.), except for the Metin2 server list which will be reset every month (every 1st in the month).
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Pserverspy Team.

Posted 2 years ago

Pserverspy news on 05.08.2018.

We are working again in our project after a little break improving the SEO and structure of our site. As you can see in this comparison graph, Pserverspy is the 3rd metin2 toplist worldwide by ranking according to SEO company Alexa.

Pserverspy graph

Recently we added the possibility to add your Youtube trailer link and your Facebook fan page as well.

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Peserverspy Team.,

Posted 2 years ago