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Minecraft is an awesome building and adventure game played by millions of people. Created by Notch, Minecraft allows players to gather resourcers, create awesome castles and tame wildlife while trying to not fall into lava or getting killed by monsters. During night time, stay inside!

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You can use our list in order to vote for your favorite Minecraft private server and rank it to the top. Top servers will atract more players and your experience playing the game will be better. No online game should be played alone, so make sure you bring players to your server!



Our community is offering a team of professionals which is always at your disposal, ready to help you with any problem that you might encounter. We take pride in the fact that we are providing you the best environment to possible in which you can hav...



Jesteśmy małą siecią serwerów. Jak na razie posiadamy 4 tryby gry: survi, sky, creative i RPG. Działamy tylko na najnowszej wersji 1.12.1, dzięki temu wszystko co nowe działa! Na survi panuje miła atmosfera, większość graczy zna się nawz...



Serwer Skyblock, który nieprzerwanie istnieje od 2012 roku bez wipe !



The most amaizing server you can play.

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