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Metin 2 is one of the most played free online games on the market. It is critically acclaimed as one of the most successful MMORPG with it's intense PVP battles and quest line. The purpose of the player in Metin 2 is to fight monsters, finish quests and level up in order to save the World of Metin!

Metin 2 Global, Metin 2 Ro and Metin 2 PVP servers

You can use our list in order to vote for your favorite Metin 2 private server and rank it to the top. Top servers will attract more players and your experience playing the game will be better. No MMORPG should be played alone, so make sure you bring players to your server!



Aegis2 is a international free to play pvp server. Why do we call it free to play? Because everything in the itemshop have no bonuses, there will be only basic skins.



[PvM][PvP]Ascyra - New Style - Lvl 225 - On 24/7 - International Server



A Server with no equal that will return players to their roots. An International high quality server that feels rewarding to play with constant updates. Max Level 99 with increase of levelcap later on. Professional and Experienced Team online near...



Oldschool Server, multilingual, a lot of comfort changes, great support!

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