Frequently asked questions

Q: What is pserverspy?

Pserverspy is a toplist for private servers of multiplayer online games (MMO) where you can vote for your favourite server and find new. If you want, you can also add your own server.

Q: How to vote?

To vote, click green thumbs up icon () and click vote on next page. If you want to get some bonus on server for voting, the server need to have Vote 4 Coins enabled and you need to use special link provided by server owner.

Q: How often can i vote?

You can vote only once a day GMT time (current: 15:34:09). Take in mind that it is possible to vote for eg. 11:30 pm and 0:30 am next day, but you can't vote twice in the same day.

Q: How to add new server?

For adding new server logging in is required. If you don't have account yet, you'd need to create one. After logging click Add new server option.

Q: How often do you reset toplist?

Currently we reset only votes and clicks for Metin2, we do it on 1st every month. In future we will reset also other games. Additionally all is being reset every New Year.

Q: What is Vote 4 Coins?

What if you got some virtual coins or special gifts on your favourite server, just for voting for it here? If it sounds cool for you, check if your server has V4C enabled. To vote for coins you need to use special link provided by server owner.

Q: How to enable Vote 4 Coins for my server (Callback API)?

If you are server owner and you want to enable Vote 4 Coins for your's server, you can easily do it in your User Panel. Log in and find your server on dashboard - below it you will see Callback option - click it and follow instructions. More details can be found here.